Childbirth Obstetric Gynecological Vaginal Reality Examination Training Simulator Universal

Childbirth Obstetric Gynecological Vaginal Reality Examination Training Simulator Universal

Gynecological Child Birth Simulator
NPNSSB50974U Gynecological Virtual Vaginal Exam Training Simulator Universal NPNSSB50974U Gynecological Virtual Vaginal Exam Training Simulator Universal

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Advanced Gynecological & Obstetric Simulator Features: Rotation of the Fetus at the time of Delivery can be confirmed by means of 3-Dimensional Animation. The Virtual Reality Vaginal Exam Model makes it possible to see images of the actual movements of the fingers inside the vagina when practicing vaginal exams, something that has not been possible to date. Instructors can now show trainees specifically how the two fingers should be moved when performing the exam, and can check that the trainee is moving their fingers properly.

  • Sensors attached to the fingers enable measurement and display of distances between the two fingers and the distances moved by the fingers.
  • Rotation of the fetus at the time of delivery can be confirmed by means of 3-dimensional animation.
  • A line connecting the ischial spines (zero station) can be displayed
  • The material used for the model closely approximates the characteristics of living body. The cervix and other structures can be comfirmed with a very real feel.
  • Three-dimensional images can be freely moved on the computer, enabling checking in any direction
  • Bishop scores from late-stage pregnancy to the beginning of labor (cervical dilation, effacement, consistency and position) can be confirmed
  • Three models with varying degrees of uterine opening dilation are provided, along with a model of the fetal head. These can be interchanged and the degree of engagement can be adjusted, allowing the progression of labor to be gauged by means of vaginal exam
  • The Fetal head model can be used to gauge rotation of the head of the fetus, by varying the positions of sagittal sutures and the posterior fontanel.
  • Simulator Extra Features : Rotation of the fetus during delivery can be confirmed using 3-dimensional animation. Visualization using the actual model used for vaginal exam practice. Use of 3-dimensional sensors allows confirmation of actual finger movements on the images.
  • Displays of the fetus, pelvis, uterus, fingers, and station line can be turned on and off individually.
  • The image of the fetus on the screen can be viewed from any of eight different directions. Orientation of the fetus on the screen can be selected to match the actual-model fetus. The positional relationship of the fingers and fetus on the screen matches that of the actual vaginal exam being performed. (*Selection of the actual uterus model. This is valid only when using the 8~9 cm uterine dilation model or the fetal head.)

Measurement between two fingers: This measures the distance between the two fingers to which the sensors have been attached. The distance between two points is measured in centimeters, and is displayed to one decimal place.

Single-finger movement distance: This measures the distance that one of the two sensor-tracked fingers moves. Each time a measurement is made, the result is displayed on the screen as a cumulative display.

Asessories : Quantity
Main body 1
Vulva for vaginal exam 1
Exclusive screws 2
Base for securing main body 1
Finger sensor for index finger (*1) 1
Finger sensor for second finger (*1) 1
trakSTAR (*2) 1
USB cable 1
Power cable 1
1~2 cm uterine dilation model 1
3~4 cm uterine dilation model 1
Asessories: Quantity
8~9 cm uterine dilation model 1
Fetal Head model 1
Base for uterine dilation model 1
Baby powder 1
Glycerine 1
Gloves 3 pairs
Product key 1
trakSTAR installation CD 1
Product CD 1
Plastic wagon 1
Cloth cover 1
*1 Finger sensors are available in three finger sizes: S, M and L.
Please specify the size when purchasing the Virtual Reality Vaginal Exam Model.
Specifications: Size Weight
Main body Approx. 51 (L) × 28 (W) × 31 (H) cm Approx. 2.5 (kg)
Vulva for vaginal exam Approx. 18 (L) × 19 (W) × 17 (H) cm Approx. 0.9 (kg)
Base for securing main body Approx. 24 (L) × 44 (W) × 5 (H) cm Approx. 5.2 (kg)
trakSTAR Approx. 19 (L) × 29 (W) × 7 (H) cm Approx. 1.3 (kg)
Plastic wagon Approx. 56 (L) × 39 (W) × 82 (H) cm Approx. 7.7 (kg)

Item Power supply Operable temperature range Usage environment
trakSTAR 100 to 240 V,
50/60 Hz 5 to 40 ? Magnetic objects or stray magnetic fields within the operable range of the simulator may adversely affect performance.
Operating Requirements:
OS Windows XP (Service Pack 2) / Vista (32-bit version)
CPU Pentium 4 (1 GHz or more recommended) or later processor
Memory 512 MB (1 GB or more recommended)
Graphics card Desktop GeForce4 or higher recommended
Note GMA X3100 (Intel GL960, GM965, etc.) or higher recommended
* 2 USB ports (These are used via a trakSTAR and product key connection when operating the model)

Allow 30 days production - completion time before shipping