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Childbirth Simulator Complete 5 In-One

NPSB38758U Total Childbirth Education Simulator NPSB38758U Total Childbirth Education Simulator

Buyamag INC


This childbirth simulator will maximize your childbirth training capabilities with this Complete Simulation package Includes: the Advanced Childbirth Simulator, Cervix Vaginal Dilation Module, Birthing System Module, Palpation Module for Leopold’s Maneuvers, and the Labor Delivery Module .

Include 5 Simulators in-one Features:

  • Advanced Childbirth Simulator
  • Cervix Vaginal Dilation 6pc. Module
  • Birthing System Module
  • Palpation Module for Leopold’s Maneuvers Model
  • Labor Delivery Module.
  • Female Pelvis
  • Two Babies
  • Placenta Cord
  • Pushing Mechanism
  • Weight: 45lb.