childbirth skeletal model with fetal head

Childbirth Simulator Model Obstetric Manikin With One Fetal Head

Childbirth Simulator NPDL30 Childbirth Simulator NPDL30

Buyamag INC


This childbirth model simulator demonstrates the progress of the fetal head through the pelvis during birth. The manikin consists of:

Ffemale pelvic skeleton with a movable symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae articulated to accommodate passage of a Fetal Skull mounted on an Omni positioning flexible gooseneck support. Delivered on baseboard.

Simulator Includes:

  • Fetal Skull
  • Female Pelvis with: Sacrum, Coccyx, Two Lumbar Vertebrae
  • Rectangular base
  • Overall Dimensions: 33" X 26" X 18".