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Complete Periodontal Training Model Hygiene Disese

NPP15DPTRM.278 Periodontal Completely Model NPP15DPTRM.278 Periodontal Completely Model

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Periodontal involved model with soft silicone material gingivae. Completely periodontal involved demonstrating periodontal diseases: pocketing, bifurcations trifurcations. Edentulous in lower left 1st molar showing super eruption of upper left 1st molar. Teeth are made with anatomical roots (except extreme tip which is flattened), naturally shaded (crown/dentin) and are hardened for a more realistic feel when scaling. Teeth are all held in with screws for easy replacement or removal. Bony portion demonstrates sharp realistic ridges as viewed in actual patient situation. Made for Dental Schools students techniques practicing, training, dental offices for patient's demonstrations and also for legal presentations.