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Top rated, programmable, adjustable, and separated keyboard — Money Magazine (2001). ErgoMagic Sections can be separated up to 6' apart, It can also be rotated & tilted in order to allow users find their most comfortable position — for user convenience, pre-set angles are installed at 20, 30, and 45 degrees of declination. Each section is separated with a completely distinct base which allows the ErgoMagic keyboard to conform to people's differing shoulder widths.
Each of the three sections can be placed at any angle on the desktop, providing user-defined rotation to the left and right. Each section can be independently tilted in any direction (left, right, front and back) at 0, 20, 30 and 45 degrees, and allowing the user to find the most comfortable working position.
By providing rotation (to accommodate ulnar deviation) and tilt (to accommodate pronation), each section of the keyboard can adjust to an wide number of positions which allows it to be set in a position that is comfortable for each hand of the user. Key Layout: 105 keys, with standard 101 QWERTY layout and special function keys to emulate the Macintosh and other configurations, and activated Special Keyboard Functions. Sections can be positioned close together or further apart - adjusts to each person's shoulder widthSections independently adjust to each person's natural typing posture - each section rotates to infinite number of positions and tilts to three different angles (20, 30 & 45 Degree) in four different directions

USB Version:

Compatible with PC, APPLE, And SUN Type 6 keyboard...

Added Microsoft Window Key(s), all programming features are saved on the keyboard (flash memory) and are not reliant on the computer memory, repeat rate is controlled by the keyboard or the PC, middle section of the keyboard can emulate the "gray keys" in the numeric pad, and best of all, 100% compliance with all USB systems.

A user with Windows OS will "get" a default PC keyboard with Windows keys; the same keyboard plugged into an APPLE USB will function exactly like an Apple USB keyboard (with Apple & Option keys in the right places, even a Power Key to cold boot the OS/box); same keyboard plugged into a Sun system, default configuration is set as a Sun Type 6 keyboard - and the user will enjoy all 12 "F" (function) keys as well.

NOTE — Due to the popularity of the enhancements listed above, now all CKS (whether serial, PS/2, or USB) keyboards have these same added performance and compatibility upgrades!
Keyboard Features & Specifications:

Mapping and Key Map Functions
Left or Right Space Bar as Backspace
Programmable Repeat Rate Value
USB supports IBM-PC, Mac and SUN
Supports All MAC OS-X
PS/2 port, Mac ADB, SUN Type 6 or HP-HIL connector
Individually programmable macro keys
Weight with Base Plate -- 5lb 12oz (2.61kg)
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