Computer Mouse Evoluent Vertical  Mouse Computer Ergonomic

Computer Mouse Evoluent Vertical Mouse Computer Ergonomic

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The Evoluent™ Vertical Mouse™ 2 has a Patented New Shape that
supports your hand and hold it in a Relaxed Hand-Shake (vertical) Position. Eliminates the Arm Twisting necessitated when using a traditional Mouse. You will quickly become accustomed to the improved comfort. Forget about Carpal Tunnel, Arm Wrist Discomfort after long time on your computer. Available in Left-Handed or Right-Handed Models. Five programmable Buttons with 59 selectable functions each, plus special features such as Vertical Scroll, Auto Click, and Click-Lock. 1200 dpi. true optical resolution sensor moves the pointer quickly to reduce hand movements. The pointer can be moved across a 17" monitor with only 1/2" (13 mm) movement of the mouse. Most other mice have 400-800 dpi and require more hand movement.

IBM or IBM-Compatible PC Hardware.

Win 95/98/ME/XP/2000 + PRO, Apple, Mac OX.
USB Support native to the system

Resolution: 1000 dpi
Length: 4.6"/11.7 cm
Width: 3"/7.6 cm
Height: 3"/7.6 cm
A fast 1000 dpi optical sensor reduces hand movements needed to move the pointer
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