Contraceptive Teaching Educator Kit

Contraceptive Teaching Educator Kit For Demonstration Birth Control Condom Safe Sex

NPBW150001 Birth control Contraceptive Education Kit NPBW150001 Birth control Contraceptive Education Kit

Buyamag INC


Contraceptive educator kit, teaching material for birth control contraceptive sex education in schools out of school youth employment and adult education. The contraceptive kit was designed and developed from practical experience It is suitable for educating about current contraceptives and contains the following items:

1 Polystyrene penis 24 Condoms

5 Female condoms

2 Sample packages of pills

1 Intra-uterine device

1 Cervical cap

1 Diaphragm spermicide gel

1 Applicator for diaphragm spermicide gel

1 Diaphragm 1 Period calendar

The components of the contraceptive case can deviate from the list on delivery because individual visual aids can be updated or replaced by other products