Cricothyrotomy Kit Simulator

Cricothyrotomy Kit Simulator

NPSB50235(A)U Cricothyrotomy simulator NPSB50235(A)U Cricothyrotomy simulator

Buyamag INC


Designed to allow trainees to actually perform the cricothyrotomy procedure on a human actor or training manikin. Protective plates provide safety for the subject, while accurate human anatomy, blood, and realistic skin provide an immersive experience for the trainee. The kit allows trainees to identify and practice treating a blocked airway.Contents:

• Protective neck wrap with trachea bracket (1)
• Simulated cricothyroid membranes (50)
• Trachea structure (2)
• Neck skins in choice of four colors (3)
• Emergency cricothyrotomy kit (for performing the procedure) (1)
• Neck skin inserts with blood pouch in choice of four colors (30)
• Silicone adhesive
• Mixing palette (1)
• Palette knife (1)
• Scissors (1)
• Sanitizing towelettes (50)