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Deluxe Magnetic Wrist Support Magnet Therapy

Magnetic Wrist Wrap
manetic therapy wrist support manetic therapy wrist support

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Deluxe magnetic wrist support specially designed with 14" long, 3" wide wraps. Bio-magnetic deluxe wrist support has 12 permanently inserted, and 2 movable bio-north magnets.

Each is 1550 gauss, 1/2" diameter, for best uniform, bio-magnetic field penetration and results. The 2 movable Bio-magnets can be placed in the most needed areas by the VELCRO surface attachment provided. With specially designed 3 layers of neoprene material. Universal fitting design with Velcro closure for comfortable and adjustable fit to most wrists sizes.

One size fits all. Specially designed for the best fitness, comfort and aeration.

Always consult with doctor before use any alternative therapies. Magnets are not a medical FDA registered device. Magnets are not replacement for professional medical treatment.

Kip out reach of children. Not use magnets if wear a Pace Maker or other medical devices.