Dental Apex Locator 4th Generation Digital Liquid Crystal

Dental Apex Locator Digital
DC- Dental Apex Locator 4th Generation DC- Dental Apex Locator 4th Generation

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Bingo 1020 is an Apex Locator is a Electronic Micro Computer Processor, State Of The Art, Digital, Liquid Crystal Clear Display Device. Known for its Advanced user Interface, and Large, Clear Digital Liquid Crystal Display Graphic Screen. Digital Clear Display shows a Realistic, Real Time of the File Advancement throughout the Root Canal Length. This Microcomputer - Controlled Apex Locator perform with precision measurements to 0.1mm in either Wet or Dry Environments. Dual Frequency AC signals are utilized to perform Measurements Automatically with. Fully Automatic , Digital Liquid Crystal Clear Display, Accuracy Up to 80%, Built-in self-test and tutor mode, Digital LCD Size:.... 55 X 41mm, Exterior Measurements: ............... W58 x H96 x T20 mm., Audio feedback with volume control, Detects perforations, Auto-off, Included Apex locator Lip clip (2) Measuring Cable with hook (2) User manual