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Dental Bench Mount For Practice Training Teaching In Dental Schools DP Lock

Bench Glide Bar Mount
NP1446 Dental Bench Table Top Mount Practice Training NP1446 Dental Bench Table Top Mount Practice Training

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Dental Replacement "O Ring DP Lock Mouth Open Mandible Control
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Dental bench mount made of heavy duty steel Ball-Joint & extra long Pole 12" with DP lock. Rotates a full 360 degrees and attaches easily to any Bench or Desk Top. The "O Ring-Lock" ( shown on photo ) for control mouth close position. 

The extra long 12" Pole & Ball-Joint allows exact positioning of Manikin, Simulator & Typodont in any desired position for practice training dentistry techniques in School, Office, Home training or any Intraoral training exercises. 

dental bench mount

Compact size, Light Weight makes this Mount perfect for use in offices. "C"- Clamp is adjustable to accept up to 3" Table or Bench. Extra long 12" pole allows for proper Manikin Adjustment, Position. Features a Heavy Duty Ball Joint. Bench Ths Bench Mount is ideal to attach to Dental bench compatible with any Simulators, Manikins or Typodonts. Can be easily installed to any Bench or Desk, in Schools, Clinics or at Home, so you can use it anytime.

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins