dental teeth calculus practice paste

Dental Calculus Paste Ready-Mix Plague Tube For Hygiene Cleaning Practice

One Tube
Dental Teeth Calculus Paste Tube Dental Teeth Calculus Paste Tube

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Dental calculus paste plaque in tube – the calculus comes premixed in a tube for fast application and cleaning hygiene practice.  The putty like texture comes in a the black color to provide the student a realistic scaling experience.

Be sure to remove the tooth when placing calculus subgingival.  Let the paste cure for 24 hours.

Dental Calculus-Plaque Paste in tube used for periodontal hygiene dental simulator manikin for teeth root cleaning hygiene techniques procedures practice. 

The tube is sealed in factory, brake the seal right before you start using the Calculus paste.

Great aide for Hygiene Teaching, and improve Hygiene Training Techniques, for Teeth Calculus Cleaning practice experience. Calculus Comes ready in paste form. The Calculus color is black. Tube design allows easy application on Teeth of dental calculus. Ready-Mix