dental chair mount

Dental Chair Head-Rest Clamp Glide Bar Or Bench Universe Mount Portable

Dental Chair Head Rest Mount
NPR1446CBM5 Dental Chair HeadRest Or Bench Mount NPR1446CBM5 Dental Chair HeadRest Or Bench Mount

Buyamag INC


Portable Universe Dental Chair Head-Rest or Bench Mount Training Glide Bar Mount. This Chair Head-Rest mount can be attached by the C-Clamp to a table or bench or to the glide bar of a dental Chair Head-Rest.

Mount comes with a DP Lock to hold the mandible open. The pole on this mount has an additional joint for tilting the Typodont or Manikin Simulator head and moving it from side to side. This has a standard 8" long rod. Chair Mount "C" Clamp device grips metal plate supporting the headrest of most modern chairs.

Supplied with Universal ball-joint which allows for rotation of head into a variety of positions. Easily attaches to the Dental Chair Head-Rest, and you're ready for practice in the dental school or at home. Made of Stainless Steel polished, Anodize coating.

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins