dental DP articulator

Dental DP Articulator For Practice Training Dentistry Teaching

Dental DP-Articulator
NP-Metal Dental DP Articulator NP-Metal Dental DP Articulator

Buyamag INC


Dental DP articulator made of durable metal. Accommodate mounting rod 0.5" dia. Spring held anatomical joint Articulator with Pole Mounting Ring and screw. This Articulator is used when practicing with dental models mandibular and maxilary, with any type Bench or Chair Pole Mount.

The DP articulator is also compatible with most Typodonts Models with Pole Mounts used on Dental Simulators Phantom Heads & Manikins. Adaptable to any Pole Mount, used in Dental Schools for Dental Techniques practice training, and dental education. With Dental Typodonts Models, Manikins/Simulators, Phantom Heads.

Teeth, Typodont - Model - not included.