Head Neck Nerve Vascular Muscle Model

Dental Head Neck Neurovascular Muscle Nerves Anatomical Model Education School Teaching

NPE1446 Dental Education Nerves Vessels Model NPE1446 Dental Education Nerves Vessels Model

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Dental head neck nerve vascular muscle model for schools education medical teaching learning anatomical model
Head sagittal section with vascular nerve model medical cosmetic facial nerve vascular structure head superficial

This model is a natural large head and neck superficial neurovascular muscle model, a component that shows the details of the human right side of the head and neck and the median sagittal plane, including the superficial muscles of the exposed face, superficial blood vessels of the face and scalp, Nerve and parotid and upper respiratory tract medial structure and cervical sagittal structure.  

  The model shows the local morphology of the medial sagittal plane of the head and neck, the local morphology of the lateral surface and its vascular and nerve structures, and a total of 100 parts. Is the best choice for medical beauty institutions!
Size: natural large, 270mm*200mm*100mm