oral anesthesia simulator

Dental Oral Anesthesia Manikin Practice Local Injection Infiltration Simulator Trainer System

NPRSUG1004 Full Dental Dry Anesthesia Manikin With Portable Floor Mount NPRSUG1004 Full Dental Dry Anesthesia Manikin With Portable Floor Mount

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Dental Oral Dry Anesthesia Manikin Practice Trainer Simulator :

Dental oral infiltration anesthesia manikin simulator. Features the dry infiltration anesthesia practice trainer model. Simulator phantom head compatible with the universal mount, or height adjustable portable floor mount. Select mount when ordering.

Infiltration dry anesthesia model was developed to provide students time under tension for practice anesthesia injection experience. The model will allow the students to practice many repetitions using the teachers educator’s guidance on landmarks proving to be a great entry level anesthesia manikin.

Simulator can be attached onto the dental chair glide bar with Universal dental mount, or attached to a bench top. Or If you prefer the Portable Floor height adjustable mount - is available. 

Dental dry anesthesia simulator Include: Universal mount, or Floor mount, Cranium head, DP articulator, Upper and Lower jaws with soft life-like tissue gingiva, 28 teeth.  

Also full anesthesia manikin system helps guide the student on how to get in the proper positioning when conducting dry injections on a patient.

The urethane tissue is durable withstand multiple puncture marks allowing for repeated practice roughly 400 ~ 450 dry injections into the same area before replacement. The replacement tissue is available to purchase.

Used in dental schools or at home setting for students practice, training, teaching correct oral local dry anesthesia injection procedure.