Dental Oral Anesthesia Manikin Simulator

Dental Oral Anesthesia Manikin Simulator With Electronic Feedback Signals System

NPRDental Anesthesia Simulator With Electronic Signals Universal Mount NPRDental Anesthesia Simulator With Electronic Signals Universal Mount

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Dental dry anesthesia manikin simulator features the anesthesia practice model with electronic feedback system. And head attached to the universal mount. And can be mounted onto the dental chair glide bar as featured in the pictures. Or you can also attach the manikin to a bench top.

Universal mount - included

The full system helps guide the student on how to get in the proper positioning when conducting injections on a patient.

The conduction dry anesthesia simulator with electronic feedback system has (7) contact points on the maxillae and (4) on the mandibular. The model is to be dry injected and once the needle is placed inside the sensor you will hear a signal noise with a visual light on the remote indicator, confirming correct injection has been made. 

The urethane gingiva tissue is durable, long last, allowing for roughly 500 to 600 injections into the same area before replacement. The replacement tissue is available to purchase.

The teeth are held in with ortho wax and you can place additional ortho wax on the tooth root and place back in the socket if need be.

Recommends a 25 gauge needle as anything more narrow (such as a 27 or 30 gauge) will be too thin and prone to bending

Used in dental schools for students practice, training, teaching correct oral anesthesia injection procedure.