Dental Post Screw Removal

Dental Post Screw Removal Kit 10pc Set

Screw Post Removal Kit 10 pc
NPDC-Screw Post Screw Remover Kit 10pc NPDC-Screw Post Screw Remover Kit 10pc

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Dental screw post removal kit 10 pc. set. Design for easy, fast extraction removal of dental screw posts. Threaded posts are easily extracted by using counter clockwise (CCW) mandrels.

It can be used on posts made of steel, titanium and stainless steel. 4 trephine bur sizes: from 1.15 to 1.60 mm , 4 counter-clockwise mandrels, Pointer Drill , Can be used on screw posts made of steel, stainless steel and titanium, Metal Carrying/Storage Case