Dental Robber Mold Formers base Model

Dental Robber Mold Model Formers For Producing Stone Deciduous Models, with 6 - Year Old Molars Upper & Lower Jaws

Dental Robber Mold Formers for Stone Deciduous Child 6-Year Old Molars
NPCDR24 Child 6 year old Produce stone deciduous models NPCDR24 Child 6 year old Produce stone deciduous models

Buyamag INC


Dental child robber model mold formers, deciduous for producing stone deciduous models, with child 6 -Year molars. Mold model former with glossy interior, produce perfectly smooth and symmetrical bases for practicing or study models quickly and easily.

Thick walls maintain their shape during vibration. Durable, designed for long life. Produce models without the hassle and mess of model trimming. Plaster or stone can be poured into the Model Former and the anatomical cast is mounted.

After the plaster has set, a smooth and perfectly-finished set of models is effortlessly removed from the soft, flexible rubber of the Model Base Formers. Upper and lower study models will occlude automatically.

Set of Model Formers include: one Upper & one Lower Jaws. Dental Model Formers used by dentists in dental offices or for practicing students in Dental Schools and Colleges.