dental handpieces sterilizer

Dental Sterilizer For Handpieces & Dental Instruments

Dental Sterilizer
NPK Dentistar Dental Sterilizer NPK Dentistar Dental Sterilizer

Buyamag INC


Ideal Dental Sterilizer for Handpiece and dental instrument Sterilization. With this unique Sterilizer Life of Handpiece and Dental Instruments will Extend mach longer without repairs! Quick and effective Sterilization Process all in one: Sterilization, Washing, Oiling - 15min. Cut Parts & Labor Replacement Cost and Time to Repair Handpiece.

Dental Dentistar Sterilizer Feature:

  • User Friendly
  • Life of Handpiece is extended
  • Fast Dependable Sterilization Dental Instrument
  • Sterilization, Washing, Oiling - at Once to save your time
  • One Sterilization Cycle with Dentistar : 15 min. at 110C.
  • Prevention for Cross Infection
  • Harmless Oil to Humans
  • Extended Life of Dental Devices which saves on Repair Costs