surgical dental loupes

Dental Surgical Loupes

Dental Surgical Loupes 3.0X
NPPRN7113118 Dental Surgical Loupes NPPRN7113118 Dental Surgical Loupes

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Optional Dental Safety Glasses
Optional Dental Safety Glasses
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Dental Loupes or Surgical Loupes top magnification technology to benefit your patients, your practice and yourself, now is a great time to take a closer look! Join the growing number of dental professionals who depend on optical magnification to improve accuracy, reduce stress and preserve long-term visual acuity. Surprisingly affordable CHF Series and SH Series Loupes are made from the finest of optical coated lenses to deliver excellent clarity and high-resolution. A snap-on universal mount included allows for quick attachment of most LED headlamps. CHF Series Clip-on are identical to pre-mounted CHF Series Loupes but in a clip-on design. Strong, non-slip spring clip fits onto most prescription and safety glass frames in seconds. Each set is also complete with a locking lanyard, 3mm screwdriver, cleaning cloth and storage case. Safety Glasses easy attaches to Sport Frame ( Optional - on picture ) One year manufacturer's warranty.

Dental Surgical Loupes Features:

  • Long working distance
  • Wide field of view
  • Complete edge-to-edge clarity
  • Dial-in interpupillary distance
  • Flip-up double hinge design
  • Loupe = 3.0x
  • Depth of focus working distance = 14" - 18"
  • Field of view at working distance = 2.4"
  • Total weight = 1.6 oz
  • Safety Glasses Optional compatible with Loupes

Used in Dental Offices, Medical Surgery Rooms.