dental teeth x-ray manikin

Dental Teeth X-Ray Manikin For Practice Training Oral Teeth Examination Techniques

NP1445 Dental Adult X-Ray Manikin Simulator NP1445 Dental Adult X-Ray Manikin Simulator

Buyamag INC


Dental teeth X-Ray examination manikin simulator complete include: upper and lower jaws typodont - model with radio-opaque metal 32 teeth, universal Chair - Bench table top mount, Open-Close mouth mechanism, movable life-like soft silicone tongue, fully articulated, mounted on magnetic quick disconnect trays with sliding clamps.

X-Ray simulator produce sharp clear film picture, same as a real life-like human patient teeth, and shows: teeth, crowns, cavities, root canals, bone, tissue.

This typodont used for practice in dental schools x-ray teeth examination, and produce patient life-like teeth film images

Mouth bite close mechanism - provide hold mandible in upper position, so the film or digital sensor in desired position ( see picture provided )

Complete with universal mount C-Clamp easy to install on dental chair- headrest or on bench-table top. Mount design with Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint. Heavy-Duty Chair Mounts are made in a high Quality, Stainless - Steel, material with non-stainless portions. Rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any manikin position desired. To Lock or Release: simply rotate lever 1/4 turn, and adjust the manikin in preferable position.

Manikin promotes obtain experience in correct dental practice, performing dental X-Ray Images procedure and dentistry professional examination skills. Shipped fully assembled, ready for use.

This economy X-Ray manikin completes the armamentarium necessary to prepare students for clinical dentistry x-ray examination and diagnostic teaching, practice and training. Provides patient simulation and long years of usage.