Dental Work Restoration Combination

Dental Work Restoration Combination Implants Crown Bridge Veneer Partial Inlay 9 parts Model

Dental Work Combo
RTRM435 Dental Work Combination RTRM435 Dental Work Combination

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Implant, Crown and Bridge Demonstrator 9 parts Model - Includes: 3 unit Bridge, Implant, post/core, removable veneer, porcelain fused to metal, Crown with ceka attachment, partial, milled precision attachment, clasp, Crown and Inlay. Crown and inlay are available in gold, silver or porcelain colors.   Irreplaceable and Explicit Dental Pathology and Dental Work Combination. Dental Implant Model made specifically for Dental Schools Programs to teach Students and understand Dental Implants procedure, pathologies, Implants Training, Experience. Also used in Dental offices for patient's Education-Demonstrations and  legal presentations. Implant Training Model for practicing students in Dental Schools and Colleges.