dental panoramic x-ray radiology thyroid shield

Dental X-Ray Patient Protection Apron "Panoramic Poncho" Front & Back, Shield Neck Thyroid Protection Collar

SHIEIELD 300PP Poncho Adult Panoramic Dental X-Ray Patient Protection SHIEIELD 300PP Poncho Adult Panoramic Dental X-Ray Patient Protection

Buyamag INC

Dental X-Ray Apron :

Optional Dental X-Ray Collar Radiation Protection
Thyroid/Neck 26"
- +

Panoramic poncho provides excellent front and Back X-Ray radiation shield protection during the Panoramic Dental X-Ray Exam. It also features hook and loop shoulder closures for quick application.

Best dental radiation patient protection Apron ever made: 0.3 Lead Equivalency, Large Over Size Poncho to insure body protection coverage. Standard Protection: 0.3mm Lead Equivalency.

Optional: Lead Collar for Thyroid & Neck Protection can be purchased us optional. Led Collar provides protection for: Neck, Thyroid, Upper Torso Extra Shielding Protection during Dental Panoramic X-Rays. Fastens in back with hook and loop closure.


  • Standard Protection: 0.3mm Lead Equivalency
  • Patient Protection of the: Front And The Back during the Panoramic Dental Exam
  • Optional: Neck/Thyroid Protection Lead Collar

Used in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training . Safe and comfortable for best X-Ray radiation protection. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental X-Ray Radiation Protection: Aprons, Eye Glasses