dental x-ray apron radiation protection

Dental X-Ray Technologist Apron Front Neck Thyroid Protection Collar Optional

NP301 Staff Adult 0.3 lead equivalency (Rasberry Ripstop) Dental X-Ray Apron NP301 Staff Adult 0.3 lead equivalency (Rasberry Ripstop) Dental X-Ray Apron

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Dental X-Ray Apron :
lead equivalency :

Optional Dental X-Ray Collar Radiation Protection
Thyroid/Neck 26"
- +

Dental assistant staff X-Ray apron is easy to apply. Provides Excellent Radiation Protection. Its non slip backing keeps apron firmly in position by actually “gripping” the patient’s clothing. Dental Staff X-Ray Technologist Apron provides excellent dental staff X-Ray protection. Ties provide fast adjustment and a secure fit. Standard Protection: 0.3mm Lead Equivalency.

Optional: Lead Collar for Thyroid & Neck Protection. Led Collar provides protection for: Neck, Thyroid, Extra Shielding Protection during Dental Panoramic X-Rays. Fastens in back with hook and loop closure.

X-Ray Apron Features:

  • Standard Protection: 0.3mm Lead Equivalency
  • Optional Upgrade Protection: 0.5mm. Lead Equivalency
  • Patient Protection: Upper Torso Front & Back, Chest, Shoulders
  • Optional: Neck/Thyroid Protection Lead Collar
  • Adult or Child -- Select when ordering

Used in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training . Safe and comfortable for best X-Ray radiation protection. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental X-Ray Radiation Protection: Aprons, Eye Glasses