Didactic Academy Skull 7-Part Deluxe On Cervical

Didactic Academy Skull 7-Part Deluxe On Cervical

Skull On Cervical B-A283 Skull On Cervical B-A283

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The new BONElike™ Skulls are made of a new material that allows an absolutely natural reproduction, natural feel of even finest anatomical structures for the first time. This worldwide unique and high-quality skull will leave no questions in the study of anatomy unanswered! The possibility to transfer the structures visible on the transparent half to the bony half give this skull a special Didactic Value.

Academy Skull Divided along the Medical Sagittal Plane, the Right Half of our Deluxe Skull is Transparent, while the Left Half is Natural Bone Tone. Visible on the Transparent Half are: the Paranasal Sinuses and Cranial Sinuses which have been highlighted in Different Colors. The Carotid, Vertebral and Facial Arteries have also been Depicted in Red for Maximum Visibility. The Right Brain Hemisphere is Visible through the Transparent Cranium. The Periodontal Sockets can be Viewed through the Transparent Right Maxilla and Mandible Half. Flexibly articulated, the Mandible demonstrates opening and closing of the Jaws. Skull Resting upright on the Cervical Spine, the following components are Detachable: both left and right halves of the Calvaria, the left half of the base of the Skull, the Nasal Septum, the Mandible in its entirety, and a Brain half. Mounted on a support stand and base.


Used in Medical Schools and Universities with Academy Educational programs, for students best understand and learn Human Anatomy, Biology, Function and Pathology. Also used in doctors offices, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and with legal presentations