spine lumbar disk degeneration model

Lumbar Disc Degeneration Spine Models

NP Disc Degeneration 4 Individual Model NP Disc Degeneration 4 Individual Model

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Disk lumbar spine degeneration model to represent individual 4 stages of spine disk degeneration and herniated arthritic disk. The cartilage and nerves made from durable strong material to insure many years of demonstrations and using. Excellent for use in Medical Research Institutes, Medical Orthopedic Schools, Students Educational programs, legal presentations and doctor's offices for patient demonstrations. Wood Stand -- Included.


This model features 4 pairs of life size lumbar vertebrae. Shown are a normal pair of Lumbar Vertebrae, 4th & 5th Lumbar sets showing four stages of disk degeneration: Normal, Herniated / Bulging, Advanced Osteoporosis with serious Bone Compression and Bone Spurs, Arthritic. Models can not be dissected but can be removed for individual inspection and study. Mounted on a solid walnut base.

Size Each: 2.5"H x 3"D x 3"W