Duraflex Splint Orthodontic retainers

Duraflex Splint Orthodontic Model

NPAC Duraflex Splint Orthodontic Mode NPAC Duraflex Splint Orthodontic Mode

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Duraflex splint orthodontic model, devices that are used when patients suffer from certain types of dental problems. These problems include TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder, common snoring, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding (bruxism). duraFlex splint is a highly durable form-fitting splint that your patients can not break.

Orthodontic retainer model appliances features excellent demonstration and teaching tool for orthodontic dental schools and Students who desired to learn, practice orthodontic techniques in dental school, at home, on the go.

This techniques a mast foundation of future professional orthodontic practice..