human ear model

Ear Model 3 Times Life-Size 6 Part Anatomicaly Correct

NPBE11 Ear Deluxe Giant 6 Part NPBE11 Ear Deluxe Giant 6 Part

Buyamag INC


This Ear Deluxe Model 6 part is 3 times Life-Size,Highly detailed,and Completely articulated.

Represent: of Outer, Middle and Inner Ear. Removable Eardrum with Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup as well as 2-part Labyrinth with Cochlea and Auditory/Balance Nerve.

Also has a removable Bone Section to close the Middle and Inner Ear. Best ear anatomy representation and quality for education and doctor offices. Detailed color painted model of Outer, Middle, and Inner Ear.

A valuable Ear Model for medical schools, educational programs, and legal presentations. Students can easy understand, anatomy and the functions of the Ears.

Removeable Features

  • Ear Drum with Hammer, Anvil
  • Two Part Labyrinth With Stirrup, Cochlea
  • Auditory/Balance Nerve
  • Two Bone Sections to Demonstrate Inner And Middle Ear
  • Key card in : E/G/F

Size: 14" x 17" x 8"