ear model

Ear Model 5 Times Life-Size 3 Part Human Anatomy

NPBVJ513 Ear Deluxe Giant Size 3 Part NPBVJ513 Ear Deluxe Giant Size 3 Part

Buyamag INC


Human ear model 5 times life-size, 3 parts for easy viewing from anywhere in the classroom! Representation of outer, middle and inner ear. Removable auditory ossicles and labyrinth with cochlea and vestibulocochlear nerve. Model for medical schools, educational programs, and legal presentations. Students can easy understand, anatomy and the functions of the Ears.

Base included. Size: 25 x 41 x 25cm.

Removable Features
  • Representation of Outer, Middle and Inner Ear.
  • Removable Auditory Ossicles and Labyrinth with Cochlea and Vestibulocochlear Nerve