Effluent Concentrate 1 quart

Effluent Concentrate 1 quart

NPSB51933U Stain-Resistant Effluent Concentrate - 1 Quart NPSB51933U Stain-Resistant Effluent Concentrate - 1 Quart

Buyamag INC


Features a realistic open abdominal wound with exposed intestines and 3 actively draining fistulas. Central stomatized fistula is easily observed. Non-stomatized and hidden fistulas add to the complexity of identifying effluent flow source and drainage management ability. Practice employing various wound dressing materials and techniques (such as negative pressure wound therapy)

• Open any combination of the 3 fistulas to permit effluent flow

• Integral trainer base includes tray that can contain up to 700 ml of fluid

• Includes 500 ml effluent fluid bag, support rod, drainage tube, 1-quart bottle of effluent fluid concentrate, 3-way tube set with color-coded pinch clamps, and user manual

• 18" x 16" x 5"