Electric Far- Infrared Ceramic Space Heater Solar Light Portable  Residential Or Commercial Use

Electric Far- Infrared Ceramic Space Heater Solar Light Portable Residential Or Commercial Use

HZE15120SP Solar Tall Infrared Portable 1500w 120v HZE15120SP Solar Tall Infrared Portable 1500w 120v

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Electric Universal Fixed Mount Far-Infrared Radiant (FIR) Heater is intended for a wide variety of residential & commercial Applications. Aesthetically Pleasing, High-tech, Space Saver, Use Latest Optical Technology Design. Our High Intensity Electric Infrared Heater Head combine with the Patented Reflective IRLens™, will focuses up to 5 Times as Much Infrared Energy into the Narrow Central Heating Beam than any other Infrared Heater can deliver. This Resulting in significant energy savings in Space Heating Applications. The Most Highly Efficient Unique Design Infrared Heaters comes in: 1500W and 3000W models, 120V Infrared Heater with the Patented IRLens™ raises the temperature of people or objects in a 14 - 18 square foot area, 10 -15 feet from the Heater, by 15 degrees or more. These lenses are lightweight aluminum grids that look like a four-walled honeycomb structure and are capable of magnifying Heat Beam without overheating. This Infrared Radiant Heater does not waist living space in your house or Industrial area. It Attaches with Universal Fixed Mount Adaptor ( included ) to Wall or Ceiling junction boxes. This Infrared Heaters can be adjusted ( to any direction ) up or down to stay focused on the room area to be heated. Operating costs for the 1500 W heater are 15 cents/hour when electric power costs 10 cents/KWh. This Infrared Heaters does not Burn Oxygen and Does not produce Dry Air in the Room! Has no fan so will not stir up dust. Have extremely Low Operating Costs, Deliver focused radiant heat to a spot you like, Glow Sun- Like Light an attractive Cherry Red, Heavy Duty, long life expectancies, made in USA. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Energy is proven to be the best form of Natural, Healthy Heat. Maintaining body Vitality without side effects, Produces Instantly Soft Solar Heat! Far Infrared Heat has been scientifically tested showing that the FIR wavelength of between 8 - 25 microns emitted by the halogen tubes prove to be Optimum Energy Readily Absorbable By the Human Body! Far Infrared Energy radiates heat and allows the body to absorb the heat deeply, activating a unique beneficial wave form and vibration. FIR Heating Lamps has been successfully used by doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, health professionals for it's beneficial properties to humans. Heater Emits over 91% of the energy it's uses, and it is all FIR Energy. Kills Bacteria, Eliminates Smell And Odor, Eliminates Mildew, Fungi, Keep Indoor Air Fresh, Promotes Circulation. Environmentally Safe, Room saver, Easy Installation. Includes Upright Stand, Base, Safety Tip-Over Off switch, No open flames, and 9' Power Cord.


Safe and Healthy Infrared Heater Generates Heat Instantly!
The outside of the heater is cool
Reduce heating costs by 50% or more
Produces no odors or fumes
Safety Tip-Over Off switch
Doesn't Burn Oxygen or Stir Up Dust
Totally silent, heats immediately
Replicates the Sun, Heating the Body not Air
Produces Bio-Energy Heat that's good for the Skin and promotes cells regeneration and blood circulation
Universal Fixed Mount Adaptor ( included )
Have extremely low operating costs
Excellent for space heating
Does Not Produce Dry Air in the room
Patented IRLens™ latest technology
Long-Life Design
Requires 15 amp circuit
Power ---- 1500w Or 3000w
Voltage -- 110v or 240volt