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Endodontic Teeth Root Canal Pulp Extraction Practice Training Transparent Root

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NPRS12200 Endodontic Tooth #3 NPRS12200 Endodontic Tooth #3

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Endodontic root canal teeth for practice training experience is a true precision feel with an authentic hard enamel texture as you create access points, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your procedures. 

Dive into the intricacies of root canal treatments with our teeth featuring a vividly painted red pulp chamber, allowing you to visualize and perfect your technique. Pulp extraction filling experience.

The teeth endodontic root is transparent making an excellent visual upon removing the tooth after a practice procedure to ensure it was done properly.  The endodontic teeth will elevate the patient simulation experience with their detailed crown anatomy.

Transform your practice with and unlock a world of precision, innovation, and excellence in endodontics. Elevate your skills, enhance your results, and redefine success in every procedure.

 Please specify which tooth number you like when ordering.