Endos DC & HF Generator Dental X-Ray Unit

Endos DC & HF Generator Dental X-Ray Unit

Dent X Intraoral X-Ray (Endos DC Unit With HF Generator)
KAB-9992700800 ENDOS DC (78.5in. total inside reach with standard 31.5in. arm) KAB-9992700800 ENDOS DC (78.5in. total inside reach with standard 31.5in. arm)

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Constant Potential DC Technology. A new constant potential, very high frequency (100kHz) generator ensures the highest radiation stability with unparalleled accuracy. The DC technology completely eliminates non-diagnostic “soft radiation”. The result is a reduction in patient dose of 25% compared to conventional generators.

Moreover, this technology has allowed engineers to design an exceptionally lightweight and compact tubehead (as short as 12”) to provide maximum ease of positioning. The duty cycle ratio (waiting time between exposures) is 1:16. After a typical .2 second exposure, the wait time for the next exposure would only be 3.2 seconds. Once again, this translates into high efficiency when several images are needed in a sequence. DLC Technology:

DLC (Dual Low Current) technology sets the best exposure current (4 or 5 mA) according to the type of receptor to get the best image quality with both digital sensors, as well as dental X-ray films. The low current values have been optimized to take advantage of the very high sensitivity of both digital sensors and new fast films. Optimized Parameters: The DC generator operates at 65kV, offering both depth of gray scale and contrast in small details. Four different types of receptors may be chosen: standard or new high speed films, digital sensors and a fully user-programmable modality. Thanks to pre-programmed anatomic techniques, the choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps. Choose the size of the patient from the three available and the dentition area to be examined. That’s all. New arm: Much attention has been paid to the finest details in designing the Endos aluminum arm reflecting both its quality and craftsmanship. The ease of positioning perfectly accompanies its stability, providing the best effectiveness in everyday use. Flexibility: To adopt to every installation condition, Endos DC can be configured with a remote keyboard that allows you to set all the system parameters outside the examination room. Quality of details: The X-Ray push button has been carefully thought out to provide the best grip and ergonomics. The coil cord (extendable to 10ft/3m) is crafted to retain its shape and withstand years of rugged use. Customizable: Endos DC tailor-fits every operatory, practice and system by letting the user select pre-set exposure times and mA values for each anatomical exposure setting. Energetic Efficiency: Endos DC has been designed in conformity to current international standards, such as the European CE mark for Medical Devices to minimize electromagnetic pollution. In addition, it is already compliant to the forthcoming International directives concerning mains fluctuations. Wall Mounting Plate is Supplied with All X-Ray Wall Mount Systems. Standard Extension Arm can be Substituted for Any Size Upon Order.


  • Constant potential DC 65KV, 4e5mA
  • Focal spot 0.7mm IEC 336
  • Exposure times 0.01 to 2 s in 34 steps
  • Anatomical programs 60 pre-set times
  • Two year warranty on parts
  • Wall Mounting Plate is Supplied

Used in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training .