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Arm Pad Ergonomic Articulated Arm Support Single Arm Pad Ergonomic Articulated Arm Support Single

Buyamag INC


Ergonomic arm rest top pad, articulated arm, wrist, elbow support single. Relieve arm elbow wrist neck and shoulders stress after working on computer.

The Extension Arm is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum alloy with white powder coat finish. The rest pivots 360-degrees, allowing you to move it into the ideal position for your maximum comfort.

The Clamp is easy to adjust and tighten and will fit on virtually any desk.

Attaches easily to any desk or table
  • Padded soft material rest supports your forearm
  • Pivots and swivels into your ideal position
  • Reduces back and neck strain and muscle fatigue
  • Allows you to work longer, more comfortable