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Fetal Baby Laybor Child Birth Obstetric Model Training Simulator Set Of 5 Parts

Labor Birth Simulator Complete
NPNHE78500 fetal Child Labor/Birth Simulator NPNHE78500 fetal Child Labor/Birth Simulator

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Replacement Fetal Model
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Replacement Placenta Cord Amnion Charion Model
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Fetal baby childbirth simulator labor anatomical model in this set of 5 labor/birth training manikin, is essential for a comprehensive childbirth Education Program. The perineal cloth can be used to demonstrate the stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the Fetal Head.

It attaches securely to the cloth pelvic simulator with elastic straps and accommodates the fetal simulator's head. The Anatomically correct Pelvic Simulator also accommodates the Fetal Simulator's Head and measures 7.1/2" x 10" x 9.1/2".

The placenta/Cord/Amnion/Charion Simulator allows you to show the Fetal Simulator inside the Sac. The snap-on Cord clearly reveals the Vein and Arteries, and convenient Drawstring closes the Sac. The Amniotic and Chronic Membranes are accurately detailed in two colors. The Placenta measures 7" x 8". The 19" long Fetal Simulator represents an average-size, full-term Baby. Made of soft yet durable realistic-like materials, the Body flexes to show all representations and positions.


The amniotic membrane allows you to show the fetal model inside the sac. The Snap-On cord clearly shows the vein and arteries, and a convenient drawstring closes the sac. Both amniotic and chronic membranes are detailed accurately in two colors. Placenta is 7" x 8".


Simulating an average full-term baby, this model's soft yet durable cloth body is flexible to show all presentations and positions. 19" long.


Educators can use this cloth to demonstrate the stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the fetal head. It attaches securely to cloth or vinyl pelvic models with elastic straps. Accommodates our Fetal Model's head.


Accurate and anatomically correct, this instructional model can be used with the Perennial Cloth and accommodates our Cloth Fetal Model's head. Model measures 10" x 10" x 7".