Forceps/Vacuum Delivery Childbirth Emergency Simulator

Forceps/Vacuum Delivery Childbirth Emergency Simulator

NPLFSB32252U Vacuum Forceps Delivery NPLFSB32252U Vacuum Forceps Delivery

Buyamag INC


The realistic Childbirth Manikin used in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training programs. An anatomically correct Pelvic model with both premature and full term fetuses to give trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth. The soft vinyl pelvis replicates the resistance encountered in a delivery requiring forceps or vacuum intervention. Comes with removable abdominal overlay, powder to make simulated blood, extra vulva, and soft carry bag. Forceps and Vacuum extractor not included.


  • Full size Female adult lower Torso with Abdominal Overlay.
  • Practice in Multiple Techniques Procedure for Emergency Childbirth
  • Delivery requiring Forceps or Vacuum Intervention

  • Removable Abdominal overlay
  • Pelvic Model
  • Premature and full term Fetuses
  • Powder to make simulated blood
  • Extra Vulva
  • Soft Carry bag.

Model Size: 21" x 13" x 17".