Giant Heart Model 8 Times Life-Size

Giant Heart Model 8 Times Life-Size

Giant Heart NPBIMVD250 Giant Heart NPBIMVD250

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World largest Heart Model. See every anatomical detail of the Heart with this Giant 8 times life-size Heart Model. Painstakingly constructed by hand, this Heart will be the center of attention at any exhibition and it is especially suitable for lecture halls. The Atria and Ventricles of the Heart are open to give a view of the Interior, and show the accurately modeled Bicuspid and major Vessels adjacent to the heart. The Coronary Heart Vessels are also shown very accurately. This gigantic heart is one of a kind! Giant Heart on stand. Popular Heart model in Medical Schools for Medical Education, students presentation, cardiology education, understanding human anatomy and pathology.


  • World's largest Heart Model
  • Atria and Ventricles
  • Interior, Bicuspid And Major Vessels
  • Important Parts Colored

Size: 100 x 90 x 70 cm. Weight: 75lb (35 kg )