Gingiva Gum Suture Practice Manikin

Gingiva Gum Suture Practice Model Oral Dental Surgical Suturing Training Simulator Manikin Gingivae Surgery Phantom Head

NP1945 Dental Gingiva Gum Surgery Practice Manikin Simulator NP1945 Dental Gingiva Gum Surgery Practice Manikin Simulator

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Gingivae gum suture practice model oral surgery suturing simulator - manikin phantom head with soft gingiva pink silicone UPPER LOWER tissue, replacement ORDER HERE.

Soft, pink silicone based tissue comes with the upper lower typodont 32 teeth surgical operative model. The tissue is durable, provides a realistic feel, and works great for suture, surgery practice and gain operative training professional techniques experience.

Universal Chair Bench Mount, easy installs to dental headrest chair or to bench table top.

                    Shipped complete and ready for practice.

You can practice multiple sutures on each gingiva, depending on the space that is taken up per each suture practice. Once all of the room on gingiva is used up, then you have to replace the gingiva      Tissue  ORDER HERE.

Gingivae suture simulator include: suture practice 32 teeth typodont, upper lower silicone gingiva tissue, universal dental Chair/Bench mount, head cranium, face flexible mask.

                       Replacement Gingivae Tissue  ORDER HERE.

Universal Dental mount: Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Material. Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any head Position desired. To lock simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Clamps Easily attaches to Dental Chair/Headrest, or Bench - Top. Heavy-duty dual ball joints allows exact patient simulation positioning.

Simulator total weight - 7.5lb.

Universal Chair - Bench mount

suture gum practice manikin simulator