Hand Held Biospectrum New Generation TDP Mineral Lamp

Hand Held Biospectrum New Generation TDP Mineral Lamp

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Hand help TDP lamp. Features biospectrum natural heat using a special rare earth ceramic mineral heating plate. 8" long x 2.7" dia. heating head.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

Welcome to revolutionary age of natural physio-therapy. WS-302 is a natural treatment, method with no side effects.


The treated part should be exposed during treatment. Treatment can be made twice a day, with time frame not less than 30 min per treatment. Continuous treatment can act as a kind of health care without any side effects.


WS-302 BIOSPECTRUM received government approval in many countries, used throughout the world, especially in Japan, Australia, Europe. Now registered with FDA in USA. Hand set unit won 9 International awards for unique natural health invention.


Power supply 110v.

Power consumption on high - 12watt, on low - 8watt.

Immediate delivery


The Buyamag Co. does not make any diagnosis or give medical recommendations. These products are not intended to cure, heal, or prevent diseases.

Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended