Head With Cranial Nerves Muscles vessels

Head With Cranial Autonomic Nerves Muscles, Nerves Model 2 Part

Head Cranial Autonomic Nerves Muscle vessels NPCA566653 Head Cranial Autonomic Nerves Muscle vessels NPCA566653

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Head with cranial autonomic nerves muscles vessels 2 Times Life-Size Head Model! Dissection of human half head shows the 12 cranial Nerves with Collateral Branches and Autonomic Nerves. Median Section reveals the Upper Respiratory Tract and Pharynx. The Eyeball is Removable for close examination.

Mounted on base. 13" x 9" x 16" Sagittal dissection shows nasal and oral cavities, including tongue and uvula, frontal end ethmoid sinuses, cervical vertebrae, and salivary glands. Removable eye with extrinsic muscles, nerves, and lacrimal gland.

Cranial nerve pathways are featured in excellent detail. The muscular and vascular features of the neck and mandibular region are also well represented

This Head With Arteries used in Medical Schools and Universities with educational programs, for students best understand and learn Human Anatomy, Biology, Function and Pathology. Also used in doctors offices, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and with legal presentations