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Heart Arterial With Carotids Radial Angiogram Angioplasty Training Simulator "E"

NPS1000E Heart Angiogram Catheterization Training D Simulator NPS1000E Heart Angiogram Catheterization Training D Simulator

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Intended to Use:

Heart Angiogram Angioplasty Training Simulator, improves invasive translumenal technique regarding the set up, insertion and manipulation of guiding catheters, guide wires, balloon catheters, and advanced generation devices. It provides unparalleled visualization for the understanding of angiographic views, invasive technique and time management during invasive interventional procedures.

Arterial Models are designed to provide clinical challenges similar to those encountered in the cardiac catheterization laboratory such as difficulty in turning the right coronary catheter or maintaining the proper guiding position during deployment of intracoronary devices. The use of a sheath and guide wires is strongly recommended as the first step in improving invasive technique. It may also enhance experienced operators skills, timing and spatial understanding of choosing the best angiographic views for each step of the procedure.


Adult Male Angiogram Arterial System, Include Complete Coronary Sinus Veins. Durable clear plastic, Smooth hollow arteries allow insertion and advancement of wires, catheters, stents, and devices, Four chambers of heart in diastole for maximum catheter movement, Right dominant coronary system for better visibility, Bilateral iliacs with sheath ports, X-ray possible, Lexan stand allows supine, RAO, and LAO positioning. Durable clear plastic

Heart Angioplasty Training Simulator is non replaceable tool in Cardiovascular Procedures Techniques Training, Cardiologists Education Training, Medical Research, Medical Instruments Developing, Design Pharmaceutical Industry; used in medical schools by teachers and students in educational programs for easy to learn and understand Human Heart Anatomy Disease and Pathology. Also used in doctors offices for patient presentation, and Legal Presentations. Material: Durable Clear Plastic. Simulator Should last for many years of training. Mounted on unbreakable Base: 24"x14"x0.5"