Heart Cardiovascular Disease Poster Chart

Heart Cardiovascular Disease Poster Chart

9781587798412 Cardiovascular Disease Poster 9781587798412 Cardiovascular Disease Poster

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This second edition of the Anatomical Chart Company's Cardiovascular Disease is a useful chart that shows normal heart antomy and various cardiovascular diseases. All illustrations are labeled and diseases are textually explained

Features: normal heart anatomy : posterior view, anterior view, coronary arteries, conduction system and electrocardiogram (ECG), cardiac cycle

The following cardiovascular diseases are illustrated and explained:

coronary heart disease

polyarteritis nodosa (PAN)

Kawasaki's disease


myocardial infarction (heart attack)

cerebrovascular accident (stroke)

aortic aneurysm

left ventricular hypertrophy

congestive heart failure

heavy paper l with grommets at top corners Size: 20" x 26"