heart catheterization model simulator

Heart Catheterization Bilateral Arterial Venous Combined Model Training Simulator "A" With Carotids

NPBB6050A Heart Bilateral Arterial/venous Catheterization Training A Simulator NPBB6050A Heart Bilateral Arterial/venous Catheterization Training A Simulator

Buyamag INC


Heart catheterisation simulator model with carotids, mimic life-size adult male model arterial and venous anatomy. Three dimensional smooth hollow passageways allow the tracking and deployment of translumenal catheters, guidewires, stents and advanced generation devices.

The right dominant coronary arterial system has the lumens enlarged to allow the practice of second-generation devices. The four-chamber heart allows standard pigtail catheter placement. It has a 3.0 ASD for transeptal procedures including valvioplasty.

The ascending and descending aorta, left and right subclavians, common Carotids, and bilateral iliacs with femoral ports are designed for standard Judkins type catheters.

The carotid arteries extend up close to the circle of Willis. The venous side includes lower venous with both iliacs and uppervenous with bilaterial anterior pacemaker insertion ports. X-Ray possible. Lexan stand allows for supine, RAO and LAO positioning. Complete coronary sinus (vein)

Heart arterial venouse training simulator is non replaceable tool in cardiovascular procedures techniques training, cardiologists education training, medical research, medical Instruments developing, design pharmaceutical industry, used in medical schools by teachers and students. Educational programs for easy to learn and understand human heart anatomy disease and pathology.

Models demonstrate the skills of practioners and improve the skills of novice medical staff and students. Also used in doctors offices for patient presentation, and legal presentations.

Material: durable clear plastic. simulator should last for many years of training. Mounted on Unbreakable Black Plastic Base - Size: 24 x 14 x 0.5