heart bypass model

Heart Model Coronary Bypass Single, Double, Triple

Coronary Bypass D-A47 Coronary Bypass D-A47

Buyamag INC


This resilient unbracable heart model divides into Anterior and Posterior sections to access its Pumping Chambers and Valves. Fitted with detachable/re-attachable Bypass Vessels for demonstrating Single, Double, and Triple Coronary Bypass Grafts, as well as normal Heart without Bypasses. Vibrant hand-painted colors permanently bond with the vinyl model, and are guaranteed not chip, crack, fade, peel or transfer. Vessels are color-coded red or blue to indicate whether they carry oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. Significant Cardiac Features, are 33 numbered parts on the model for identification in the accompanying Key Card.

Nesting on a Form-Fitting Display Base, the Heart lifts off for Hands Observation, Demonstration and Study. Overall dimensions: 4" x 4"x 6" ( 11 x 11 x 15cm ).

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