Heart Model Glass Blowing Arterial & Venous Training Simulator

Glass Blowing Heart Model

Buyamag INC


Description: Adult Heart Model arterial and venous system for EP Catheters and valvuloplasty, All of the arteries and veins of the, X-ray imageable. Normal and Intended to Use:

Model are intended to improve invasive translumenal technique regarding the set up, insertion and manipulation of guiding catheters, guide wires, balloon catheters, and advanced generation devices. It provides unparalleled visualization for the understanding for angiographic views, invasive technique and time management during invasive interventional procedures. Mounted on unbreakable Base.

Glass Anatomical Models can be made with Open or Closed Systems, allowing to In Vitro Testing and practice Invasive Procedures. Models can help demonstrate the Skills of Practitioners and improve the Skills of Novice Medical Staff and Students. Models design specializes in: Vascular Anatomy, Invasive Device Marketing, Research in Medical Education, Pharmacology. Glass Blowing Models can be ordered : adult size, pediatric, pathologies and anomalies lesions.