Herb Grinders Continuous Operation Large Capacity 2 hp G-1XL Deluxe Water & Air Cooling System Stainless Steel

2 hp water cooling system Herb Grinders 2 hp water cooling system Herb Grinders

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Two Replacement Bags Set
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Replacement Hammer Set For Herb Grinders 3hp Commercial Powder Machine
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This Medicine Industrial This Medicine Industrial Herb Grinder Machine 3 hp the High Qualities, design for Larger Industrial Production Capacity, Heavy Duty and More Powerful, Continuous Operation Series Grinders proved to be dependable, Heavy Duty, Durable, Powerful, Quiet, Provide Long Years of Usage. Design with Air Cooling and Water Cooling Systems, High Speed-5600r/pm. The User can decide the Powder Size by changing the Screens. Herb Grinders will include 2 screen/mash sizes: #120, 60. Stainless Steel Material. Grinders Will Easy Grind to powder of: Ginseng, Liquorice, Any Herbals, Roots, Branches, Leaves, Twigs, Seeds, Bone, Stone, Crystals, Sea Products. Grinded Powder used for: Herbal Capsule Filling, Herb Pills Making or any other Herbal Medicine Making Industry. Used by Health Professionals, Homeopathic Industry, Herbalists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chinese Medicine Professionals... Disconnect the Power supply when: service, changing mash, cutting blades, cleaning the Grinder. The Water Cooling Pump System has to be "ON" same time when the Grinder is "ON". Safety design Power supply OFF when pulverizing Lid is open.

Specifications: Continuous operation, Water cooling system, Pump Included, 3 hp, Capacity - 25~70 lb/hr, 115 volt, Speed-RPM- 5600, Weight - 110 lb, Size - 28" x 22" x 11", 3 Mash size-included, 1- Air filter bag, 1- Powder bag, Feeding tray, Amp meter on duty, Cutting hammers, On Off switch, Reset Fuse- build-In, Stainless Steel, Safe design -power Off when Lid is open. .

Continuous Operation *Safety Switch *Open Feeder * Build in Ampere Meter,*Fuse Housing *2 Powder Bags *3 Screen Mash *Grinding Hummer Blades *2840rpm. *110volt.