Horse Acupuncture Muscle Internal Tissue Structure Model

LU Horse Acupuncture Model LU Horse Acupuncture Model

Buyamag INC


Horse Acupuncture Model 10" x 8" made from plastic material ( hard to brake ) from China. One side shows Horse Acupuncture Points Numbered from 1 to 114. The other side shows Muscle, Internal Tissue, and Structure in Colors. Mounted on a stand. Also Includes: Booklet for Practical Point Location, Indication Responding and Treatment Points. EASY TO LEARN TO PERFORM ACUPUNCTURE, MOXIBUSTION, CUPPING ON HORSES. Anatomically accurate Horse Model.

  • How to identify and precisely locate over 114 acupuncture points used in the treatment of Acupuncture for Horses.
  • Provide guidance on the selection of Acupuncture Points and method.
  • Horse Acupuncture Model ----------- Included
  • Acupuncture Location Booklet ------- Incloded
  • EXTRA HEAD, HOOF------------------ NOT INCLUDED