Horse Acupuncture Therapy Cd

Horse Acupuncture Therapy Cd

RW- Horse Acupuncture RW- Horse Acupuncture

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A NATURAL APPROACH TO HORSE HEALTH!Anyone with an interest in Natural Health Care and Acupuncture for Horses. Whether practitioner or student will benefit from the program’s practical approach to Horse Health with Acupuncture. 180 Acupoints, plus 200 Conditions - The Scientific Content of Practical Acupuncture CD for Horses. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was developed in consultation with Professor Wang Qinglan, past Vice Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Beijing Agricultural University and an internationally recognized expert in Practicing Veterinary Acupuncture. EASY TO LEARN TO PERFORM ACUPUNCTURE, MOXIBUSTION, CUPPING ON HORSES.

Included educational and practical information

How to identify and precisely locate over 180 acupuncture points used in the treatment of Acupuncture for Horses.

We also catalogue over 200 common conditions in Horses which can be treated by using Acupuncture for Horses Techniques

Provide guidance on the selection of Acupuncture Points to be used and a treatment regime or each condition.

By Using a unique combination of high quality graphics and narrated video, simple but practical instruction is provided on how to apply the Acupuncture For Horses Treatment

Video demonstrations shows

  • how to locate the points
  • how to apply the various techniques such as needling, moxibustion, cupping and how to manipulate the needles for the required effect.

Computer System requirements: IBM Compatible: DX33 processor (minimum), 8 MB RAM, VGA monitor or higher, CD-ROM drive, and mouse. Window 3.x or higher. Macintosh: Equivalent to the above and running Mac OS