Horse Common Diseases & Disorders Clinical Atlas 100's Color Illustrations 350 Pages second addition

NPAZ9780965446112 Horse Commonn Diseases Disorders Illustrated 350 PAGES NPAZ9780965446112 Horse Commonn Diseases Disorders Illustrated 350 PAGES

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This These Award-Winning Book - Atlases are designed to provide a Most Comprehensive Easy to Understand Information with 100's Color Illustrations, Review about Horses Anatomy, and Horse Common Diseases, Disorders for the Serious Horse Owner, Trainer, Breeder, Competitor, Veterinarian Doctor or Student, Farrier. All about Horses Stallions & Mares. Covers the Internal Organs, Reproduction, Breeding and Foaling Problems, Oral Cavity, Dental, Digestive System, Parasites, Respiratory and Neurological Nervous Disorders, Eye Problems and Skin Disorders, Pharmaceutical. Within all and each region, organ and system, both the normal anatomy and common Disorders Color Illustrated and Discussed. Beautiful Full-Color Illustrations are clearly labeled. Causes, Symptoms, Clinical Signs, Diagnostic Procedures, Current Treatment Options, Traditional Veterinary Techniques, as well as some Complimentary Therapies are Presented. The most Popular Horse Book are spiral bound with Waterproof Plastic Covers and 350 Pages. Size: 10" x 11"